Why You Need Title Insurance

Title insurance is an insurance policy issued to both lenders and homeowners by an approved title insurance company. For homeowners, this policy protects you from financial loss and pays for court costs in the event that there is a claim against your property that is hidden at the time of the closing.

Your only cost is a one-time payment at the time of the closing, based on the purchase price of your home. The policy is in effect for as long as you and your heirs own the property. The policy contains built-in inflation to account for the cost of your home rising over time.

Title Insurance is essential in a real estate purchase. You risk losing your house and/or paying expensive court fees if a hidden scenario such as one of the following surfaces:

  • Missing, misfiled, or erroneous paperwork
  • Previously undisclosed heirs present themselves to lay claim to the property
  • Fraudulent deeds or impersonations
  • Dispute in property boundary
  • Unpaid water bills and taxes